Research Farm

URAD Urban and Rural Agricultural Development research farm is a one-hectare proof of concept, bio-integrated farm established in 2010 in the South Peninsula outside Cape Town, managed by Nordic Canna.

Research and development to test, explore and strive to find solutions and products that are governed by the science of nature and primitive systems that have the potential to be up-scaled for commercial farming use.

The farm has been nurtured on Nordic Cannas’ business module of being battle harden and profit-driven reflecting the philosophy that makes Nordic Canna successful.

  • Data capture based on profit, yield, input and investment
  • Harnessing free exponential energy on a shoestring
  • Labour intensive premium product farming modules
  • Capitalizing on freely available organic waste with the ability to stabilize the energy
  • Bio-integrated and biomimicry farming methods
  • Rudimentary microbial husbandry for multidimensional benefits

For a quick behind the scene journey

Bioremediation Unit
Compost lines
Organic Digester

Nordic Canna offers the following services:

  • Farm support consulting
  • Assisting social enterprises with sustainable food production systems
  • Organic waste audits
  • Organic waste stabilisation solutions and consulting
  • Bioremediation units and Organic Drive Through Digester
  • One Acre set-up
  • One hectare set-up
  • Soil fertility consulting
  • Regenerative Agricultural Solutions
  • Training and true empowerment through education

For more information contact: [email protected]

The farm is closed to the public unless a prior appointment has been made.

Social Enterprises

Lavender Hill Project