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The Compost Revolution


The Compost Revolution-the best of both worlds!


In collaboration with Green Guerrillas, who in the last 12 years have being exploring low cost sustainable solutions and developed a method with combined passive composting and worm farming to produce Living Soil in 3 easy steps. Myself representing Nordic Canna organically engineer, nurture and provide the compost inoculants and armies of worms in this product we call The Composting Revolution; the most comprehensive product on the market in South Africa. This product includes 3 hours online learning on “how to” which unpacks the product step by step moving you closer to sustainable life by providing you with the organic machinery to capitalize on your organic waste.

  • 250g of composting worms
  • Substrate activator
  • 5L straw
  • Geotextile
  • Worm Survivor booklet
  • Compost Culture
  • Compost stimulant
  • Pdf’s with infographics on “how to” for housing, feeding and harvesting worms
  • 3 hours of online learning on “how to” build a passive compost line, make housing and care for worms, making living soil, sowing seeds, transplanting and more

Excludes local delivery or Postnet to Postnet


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