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The Compost Revolution


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402-30dm Grow the best BUD ever!


Grow the best bud ever in 6 easy steps-delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa!


My team and I are very proud to introduce to the south African cannabis growing community the most comprehensive “bullet proof” instant kit for growing the righteous bush with living soil; living soil is just one of the tools, as above MORE below, no nutrients or fancy chemistry required, just add non-chlorinated water and some LOVE.

Here is the Nordic Cana 402 method packed in a box with everything you need to grow one plant in 6 easy steps delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa, this system is based on Plant Matters 30L material grow bag

The instant kit includes:

  • 26L Nordic Canna Living Soil
  • 3L Baseline
  • 2L Microbial plug
  • 10 Compost Balls
  • 50g Microbial stimulant
  • 30L material grow bag from Plant Matter
  • pdf instructions
  • Door to door delivery in South Africa
  1. Start with placing 3L Nordic Canna baseline at bottom of Plant Matter’s 30L material grow bag, this Hugelkultur style material takes approximately a year to prepare and is mixed with  a well-aged compost made out of fish
  2. Add Nordic Canna Living Soil, a grow medium blended with 3 styles of compost inoculated with actively aerated compost tea; cold, medium and hot a microbial kaleidoscope.(inoculated ph. buffed coir and perlite)
  3. Give a very good watering with non-chlorinated water, allow to drain and plant your girl in the moist substrate.
  4. Scatter Nordic Canna microbial-plug, covering entire surface area, acting as an important tool for feeding soil and a natural living barrier to the outside world
  5. Give your girl a “pair of balls”, these Compost Balls are hand rolled out of pure vermicast, left to dry under the African sun and kissed with Ormus, they are slow releasing and magical
  6. Mix the microbial stimulant in 1L of non-chlorinated water and pour over microbial plug and get everything rocking.


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