Living Soil Worms

Soil is the basis for all human life, malnutrition begins with soil, unhealthy or healthy food comes from soil; everything is about soil. The more we learn, the more we realize that soil is alive and very much a cosmic order of living chaos. Soil is an energy that creates and maintains life and there is no other creature that contributes to this magic cycle to life other than the earth worm.

The earth worm has been on the planet for more than 600 million years, making it the most unchanged living creature on our planet! There is no coincidence that worms are the intestines of soil, and despite being blind, deaf and toothless, there can be no other creature on this earth that has more impact on everything living, than the worm.

Worms are exponential, adaptable and turn organic matter into black gold, Nordic Canna holds 2 tons of compost worms and sells worms by the kg or ton-you can never have enough!