SOIL is the basis for all human LIFE.

Nordic Canna moves with the rhythm of soil, using free exponential energy from nature, seeking Profit Driven Regenerative Ecological Solutions for government, farmers, social enterprises, urban growers and households.

“Soil is an organic structure, a living organism vital to our existence; we all have a responsibility to safeguard soil fertility for the next generation”. Anki Riemer

Meet The CEO

URAD Urban and Rural Agricultural Development research farm is a one-hectare proof of concept, bio-integrated farm established in 2010 in the South Peninsula outside Cape Town, managed by Nordic Canna.

Farm in a Box, developed by Urban Farmers to bring a bullet-proof instant organic farm to you:

  • connect with nature
  • watch your food grow
  • harvest daily micro-greens
  • be accountable to your organic waste
  • discover the magic of worms

Farm in a Box is the gateway to self-sufficiency, a powerhouse of organic machinery to inspire and nurture YOU into the world of Urban Agriculture!

The earth worm has been on the planet for more than 600 million years, making it the most unchanged living creature on our planet! There is no coincidence that worms are the intestines of soil, and despite being blind, deaf and toothless, there can be no other creature on this earth that has more impact on everything living, than the worm.

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